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Doing Business With People You Know, Like and Trust

Some people wonder why certain businesses are barely hanging on by a thread while other businesses are prospering. It’s all about the relationships you create that will help you build your business and the commitment to those relationships will help your business excel even during economic turmoil.

You hear it all the time, “I don’t have time to join that networking group” or “The Chamber never seems to work for me” or better yet “That’s just another social club wanting money.”

Being involved in networking organizations will help you build your base of contacts, but it will never turn those contacts into contracts without you making the effort to build on the relationships you encounter at the networking events. Networking events provide you with the arena to get to know, like and trust fellow networkers.

What does it take to build a relationship? How about your personal relationship…..have you ever been in a personal relationship and you showed up when you felt like it, brought nothing to the relationship, just showed up for a free meal, or better yet made the date but then had nothing to contribute to the conversation? And how did that work out for you?

Building profitable relationships in networking is much like building a personal relationship. You must be willing to be honest, caring, and giving and have no expectations for a return on your investment. Once people realize you are participating with no agenda, they will begin to build trust with you. They will be open to your ideas and your purpose for the relationship.

Participating in a Chamber of Commerce networking event most definitely does work, but you have to realize that you can’t go to the event with the intention of “getting business.” If you are honest with yourself and go to the Chamber event to build relationships and get some visibility for yourself and your business, the people will begin to like you. It will become evident that you are there to help others, not take from them. The more people see you, they more they being to trust you…..especially if you are seen with people they already trust.

Once you have created an opportunity for event participants to like you and trust you, they will begin to want to do business with you. Why? People want to do business with people they know, like and trust. It’s really just a common sense practice if you think about it. Why would you ever go to the internet to Google a carpet cleaner when you have began to build a relationship with the local carpet cleaner that attends many of the same networking events that you do? You wouldn’t!

Now that you have seen the carpet cleaner on several occasions and been introduced to them by a mutual friend, and had the opportunity to get to know them in a “non-sales environment” you have been afforded the opportunity to begin building a relationship that will build your trust for them and their business.

Networking creates opportunities to begin fostering business relationships. And, that’s why you need to attend them…..not to hand out hundreds of business cards and beg for their business. But remember, building a relationship takes time, so don’t attend expectation immediate results or you will leave saying, “Those Chamber events never work.”

So, the next time you think that attending a networking event is not worth your time, think about the potential business relationships that you are about to cheat yourself from. And then, go ahead, go home and Google a stranger to do business with!

Once again, how’s that working out for you?